■ U-VIX Showroom

U-VIX Showroom conveniently located in the U-VIX Building, provides our customers
with a centralized location to personally evaluate the wide range of UV products
and services offered by U-VIX and discuss application details with U-VIX’s application engineering staff. Please contact us to arrange for your visit.


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The following systems are currently available for evaluation at the U-VIX Showroom. Please contact us to arrange for your visit.

UV Related Equipments


  • 275~406nm UV LED

▼ UV LED Light Curing Systems

  • [UV SpotCure]BlueWave® LED MX-150 VisiCure® 
  • [UV SpotCure]BlueWave® LED Prime UVA
  • [UV SpotCure]OmniCure® LX505
  • Phoseon UV LED Curing Products
  • Obelux CR9 Forensic Light

▼ UV Light Curing Spot-Lamp Systems

  • [UV SpotCure]BlueWave® 200 
  • [UV SpotCure]OmniCure® S1500
  • [UV SpotCure]OmniCure® S2000
  • 5000-ECE Flood Lamp Curing Systems

▼ UV Radiometer

  • [For Lamp]OmniCure® R2000 UV Radiometer 
  • [For Lamp]ACCU-CAL™ 50 radiometer UV intensity meter
  • [For Lamp] ACCU-CAL™ 50-LED radiometer 
  • [For Lamp]ACCU-CAL™ 160 UV radiometer 


Inspection Flash Light

▼ UV LED Flash Light

  • Inspection Flash Light ZB-365-W



Plasma Related Equipments

▼ Plasma Surface Treatment

  • Blown Ion Series Plasma Treater


Functional Materials

▼ Light-Curable Adhesives

  • Dymax Light-Curable adhesives
    (Urethane acrylate type)
  • EMI Light-Curable adhesives
    (Epoxy type)

▼ Light Guide

  • Quartz Fiber Light Guide



▼ Photocatalyst

  • TMIP® Series

▼ Industrial Deodorizing/Air Sterilization Equipment

  • TITAN POWER Module